From Top 10 Malaysia 2013, — Thirty years ago, we watched cartoons like the Tom and Jerry Show, Marvel super heroes, Disney Channel and probably a very Pink Panther and that was pretty much all we knew about animation. However, over the last decade, the animation landscape has changed drastically. Animation is no longer restricted to kids and we continue to watch them well into adult hood thanks to advancements in the industry such as computer generated images (CGI), visual effects (VFX) and 3D movies. Malaysia has not been left behind.


For the first time, Malaysia recently played host to the inaugural Asian Animation Summit designed to showcase Asia’s strongest animated projects looking for investors and partners in the region. It is now riding high on the crest of the animationwave sweeping through the nation and the ripple effect is felt worldwide. Local animation companies are now regarded as serious contenders in the animation industry despite only beingin its in fancy stage after only recently being identified by the Malaysian Government as being the catalyst for the next economic growth area. In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its pick ofthe 10 Best Animation Production Companies in the country (listed in alphabetical order) and is left positively convinced that Malaysia has its own animation artisans poised for greatness and domination on the world stage.


Animasia Studio Sdn Bhd
Animasia Studio, with 10 years of experience to back it up,prides it self as being a one-stop answer to the production needs of digital content. Its 2D studio churns out out-of-this-world animation solutions like an idea factory. Under the watchful eyes of Ray Lee, Edmund Chan and Ah Loong, the company’s CEO, MD and COO respectively, the work force oozes creative ideas by experimenting with bold colours incorporating them into elements of adventure, which are fun to watch, covering character design, concept artwork and story boarding. They created ‘Bola Kampung’ and were involved in ‘SupaStrikas’projects. ‘Bola Kampung’ is the first Malaysian-made animation licensed by international cartoon broadcaster Disney Channel (Asia) and is now broadcasted over major Asian territories. They will be releasing their first 3D CGI animation feature film,‘Bola Kampung – The Movie’ in cinemas in the first quarter of 2013.


Animonsta Studios Sdn Bhd
Animonsta Studios is founded by the youthful Mohd Nizam AbdRazak, Mohd Safwan Ab Karim, Kee Yong Pin and Muhammad Anas Abdul Aziz a few years back. They have set up base inCyberjaya, Selangor at the Malaysian Animation Creative Content Centre (MAC3), a facility to house and offer hightech animation facilities to start-up companies. This is part ofthe government’s initiative to develop the animation industry. Animonsta Studios is an animation content developer brimming with fresh ideas. Its creators have found a unique way in infusing the local content with memorable characters and by telling entertaining stories which appeals to both local and international markets. Its first offering was a TV series, BoBoi Boy which is about the adventures of a young Malaysian boy and his friends fighting against aliens invading Earth for its coffee! Talk about fresh ideas !


Ed-Online Technologies Sdn Bhd
Established in 2001 and managed by Lee Chuen Loong, its CEO and his team of professionals with background ranging from business, accounting, law and education, Ed-Online is a dynamic company that creates, develops and produces creative content in the areas of learning, communication and entertainment. The company was listed in SME100 FastMoving Company in 2010. Its core activities include developing interactive and multimedia rich e-learning and courseware for education and training purposes for the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, universities and corporate sectors. It also e-publishes educational materials and produce animation series besides running a college of art and design to nurture new talents for thecreative industry. In animation, it collaborated with producers from South Korea, UK and France.


Glue Studios Sdn Bhd
Its website says it all – A vibrant, dynamic and super fun studio, Glue is passionate about making engaging and meaningful stories come to life. It specialises in creating dynamic 3D/2D animation fused with strong storytelling direction with unique visual styles. This mission has been imbued in its talented staff and has led to the creation of several Intellectual Property projects such as Rimba Racer and Tale of the Ages. Its Managing Director, Tariq Md. Noh and his talented members have been the cohesive factor in Glue being able to win several awards consistently since its establishment. None more special than winning the Best Animation Award for Tales of the Ages: Bawang Putih Bawang Merah and Most Promising Animation Start-up in2010 at the Kre8tif! Industry Awards 2010.


Giggle Garage Sdn Bhd
Based in Cyberjaya, Selangor, Giggle Garage creates original 3D animated contents for children and family entertainment. It is the brain child of an artistic Sabahan husband-wife team, Zeno Gabing and Juhaidah Joemin.Most of their storylines are inspired from everyday life in multiracial Malaysia. A successful package, they say, isone that can be easily understood by people despite their diversity and how they relate to the story.Their approach paid off. In 2012, their Origanimals TV series won Giggle Garage the Best Planning Award at last year’s Seoul Promotion Plan Project Competition where it beat entries from 19 countries. It also bagged the Golden Prize at the14th TBS DigiCon6 2012 Regional Award for Origanimals TVSeries (Malaysia).


Inspidea Sdn Bhd
Inspidea, a digital animation company, believes that through fun one can change the world for the better. Andrew Ooi, its Managing Director, puts it this way – “Our plan is ambitious: to rule the world through animation domination!” Its strength isin allowing staff the unfettered freedom to draw on their own ideas. Its show, Mustang Mama Football Fever won an award for Best of Media & Entertainment at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards(APICTA) in 2006. More recently, Nickelodeon, the number one entertainment brand for kids announced the launch of a new animated series, Akis, which depicts a highly imaginative girl who loves to play-pretend all the time and who takes life by the horns, for regional viewers which kicked off in 2012. Akis is the first Malaysian animation production to be commissioned by Nickelodeon.


Les’ Copaque Production Sdn Bhd
Les’ Copaque Productions is a film production company based in Shah Alam, Malaysia founded in 2005 by Burhanuddin bin Md. Radzi and his wife, Ainon binti Ariff. Although the couple did not have any experience in animation they had bundles of passion. They took a chance on 3 talented individuals in the multimedia industry in producing animation works. These works are none other than the commercially and critically acclaimed TV animation series, Upin & Ipin and the follow-up animation movie “Geng: The Adventure Begins” and, the rest, as they say,is history. It was the first company to produce a 3D animation film in Malaysia which is remarkable considering its humble origins. Its mini TV series of the same also won the Best Film (Animation) inthe Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival some years back.


Mirayi Sdn Bhd
Mirayi Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Intelture Technology Sdn Bhd) was established in 2005 by Ng Jin Chong, its CEO. Today, it is one of the leading CGI (computer generated imagery) animation studios in Malaysia and it provides complete CGI services to the advertising industry, TV and broadcasting industry and other production houses. Although it is relatively new, its credentials speak for themselves. It has developed Mask Master which is a 3D stereoscopic cartoon series in HD and CSQ-2005, a 3D cartoon series. It has also produced a TV commercial called Australian Cow in 2008 for the Australian continent which is an extremely difficult region to penetrate because of the intense competition and stringent quality requirements.


Silver Ant Sdn Bhd
Who can forget the awesome graphics of TV commercialStadium Astro with gravity-defying transforming robots performing sporting and acrobatic moves? Silver Ant, headed by its Animation Director, Goh Aun Hoe, brings artistic works to life through creativity unleashed by investing in computer graphic talents in venturing beyond TV commercials such as video games, games cinematics, short films, movie trailers and then to full-length animated films. It has forged long lasting relationships with its gaming clients such as Nintendo, Sega and Sony Entertainment.The company’s much-awaited movie milestone came inMarch 2012 when SeeFooD, its first short film, was officially launched at the Marché International des Programmes de Télévision(MIPTV) 2011 in Cannes, France with rave reviews by international distributors. Theatrical screenings of SeeFooD has now started in South Korea, Russia and the Czech Republic.


Tripod Entertainment Sdn Bhd
Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with an office in Los Angeles, Tripod Entertainment’s core activities include animation,live-action music scoring, sound design, voice work, mixing for visual as well as Intellectual Property management and commercialization. Leon Tan, the Group CEO, has overseen many pioneering efforts in Malaysia through joint collaborations during his 20 years of experience. War of the Worlds: Goliath, the first stereo scopic 3D animated movie produced in Malaysia has won many accolades worldwide including the coveted award for Best 3D Animated Feature at the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival in 2012 beating Hollywood animated features, ‘Madagascar’and ‘Tinkerbell’. Tripod Entertainment also owns and operates Imaginex Studios, Asia’s top creative audio production facility providing music, sound design, voice casting and mixing for features and TV.


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