June 27, 2016 – Putrajaya.
Giggle Garage signed an agreement with one of the largest publishing company in the region, Pelangi Publishing. The agreement opens opportunities to explore licensing on the publishing spaces utilizing the character brands from Giggle Garage namely BOING and Origanimals.

About Pelangi Publishing Group

Dedicated to the betterment of Malaysia’s quality of education, Pelangi Publishing Group Bhd has an excellent track record in the design, publication, warehousing and distribution of books, magazines, multimedia and digital products for over 37 years. The brand values and professional ethics of Pelangi Publishing Group Bhd. adhere closely to its motto ‘Quality Books for Quality Education’. The public perception of the company as a publisher that people can rely on for top quality educational products is the successful culmination of its commitment to helping to shape a brighter future for everyone through education.

Currently, over 2000 bookshops located in all 13 states of Malaysia distribute Pelangi’s books. Overseas, the company sells books in over 20 countries.

Web: http://www.pelangipublishing.com

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