Cam & Leon  used to be house pets  but due to the lack of display of their camouflaging ability, their owners decided to set them free  to get back in touch with their natural instincts. Left on their own, Cam & Leon often get carried away in  their quest to seek out food. But while they both have a competitive streak, ultimately the two are buddies who will work together to reach their shared goals.

In each episode, Cam & Leon will be presented with  random objects or situations.  The objects featured are everyday kid-friendly objects, common and universal to children from all around the world.

The chameleons use the objects for every other use except for what they are intended for. Armed with their fledgling camouflaging ability and accompanied by other characters that they meet in the park, Cam & Leon turn every simple encounter into something  hilariously zany and unexpected.

This show is in production for delivery in December 2017; and available for pre-buy.
Format: CGI Animation
Genre: Adventure Comedy, Non-dialogue
Target: Young kids 6 – 9 yrs old

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