The business of content creation is exciting. You are breathing life to new ideas, and seeing your ideas take shape is the best feeling ever.Juhaidah Joemin, Executive Producer

We provide full CGI production and animation services for tv and digital platforms.

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Creative content production in Malaysia is strongly supported by the Malaysia’s government through its related agencies. Production incentives are currently available for qualified projects. These include a 30% cash rebate incentive on the qualified amount spent in Malaysia as well as several co-production funds specifically for the creative industry.

Animation Production and Design

We produce or co-produce original contents for Television, games, mobile and other digital platforms.

  • Giggle Garage is an integrated animation studio that specializes in full production of creative content
  • Our senior staff has experience in art directing, character designing, storyboarding and full project development for numerous CGI animation productions.

Idea Development & Consultation

Have a great story idea but unsure of what to do next ? We will work with you, together with your big ideas and imaginative spirits; and develop the idea out of the box! We offer consultancy services in the following:

  • Assisting in preparing development kit; conceptual arts, character development, story development and pitch bible
  • Pre-planning stages of an animation project to determine production needs and capacity
  • Analyzing and determining your target market and audience
  • Budgeting and scheduling planning for production
  • Providing editorial consultations on the buyers and/or broadcasters fit for your project
  • Providing consultations on co-production structures & financing.

Assets Creation

At Giggle Garage, our team of creative talents build graphical assets that are used for broadcast, interactive media and exhibitions, mobile, games and other digital platforms. Assets creation include:

  • 3D Asset designs: characters, objects, scenes
  • Modelling¬†including complex objects, props, background
  • Rigging: skeleton, skinning etc

3D Animation Services

Giggle Garage has highly experienced creative and production teams that specialize in CGI Animations. We provide animation services for commercials, television, film, interactive media and exhibitions, mobile, games and other digital platforms.

  • Our talented animators and technical team are from diverse background; and experienced in their work.
  • We strive to create fun and open working environment that inspires individual’s creativity
  • Animation services can be from small project basis to a fully offshored CGI animation service work.