At Giggle Garage, we are always looking out for exciting ideas for new shows as well as special shows that are ready for distribution to the worldwide audience.  

We pride in having excellent eye for fantastic shows that are in demand and trending in the media industry globally; and therefore we put a lot of emphasis in selecting shows for pre-sales or for library distribution.  With out worldwide network contact, we definitely can help in making your shows travel and get seen. Talk to us to find out more.

Development Kit

Our experienced artists and production team will work with you to create development kits for your idea to get ready for the next level of production.

Our senior staff has experience in Art directing, Character designs, Storyboarding and Full Project Development pack for numerous CGI animation platforms that includes:

  • Design Packs: concept arts, color key, sample scripts.
  • Show Pitch Bible: Premise, Outline Story Samples

CGI Animation

Giggle Garage is an integrated animation studio that specializes in full production of creative content from concept to final CGI production.

We provide full CGI services from idea, character development, assets, all animation work, lighting & rendering as well as full compositing for final output.  We produce or co-produce original contents for Television, games, mobile and other digital platforms.

  • English is our standard daily operation language.
  • Established production pipelines and experienced artists
  • Top CGI infrastructures to support various sizes of production
  • Secured systems to ensure project confidentiality

CGI Assets

At Giggle Garage, our team of creative talents create endearing characters and build graphical assets that are used for broadcast and multiple digital platforms.

Other than character designs, assets creations include:

  • 3D Asset designs: characters, objects, scenes
  • Modelling including complex objects, props, background
  • Rigging: skeleton, skinning etc

Production Management

Have a great story idea but unsure of what to do next ? We will work with you, together with your big ideas and imaginative spirits; and develop the idea out of the box!

We offer production management and consultancy services in the following:

  • Assisting in preparing animation production development kit
  • Pre-planning stages of an animation project to determine production needs and capacity
  • Analyzing and determining your target market and audience
  • Providing editorial consultations on the buyers and/or broadcasters fit for your project
  • Providing consultations on co-production structures & financing.
  • Full production management of a CGI Animation project for single or multiple locations