SPACE NOVA comprises of 26 x 24 minute episodes specifically geared to a global six to ten year old audience.

It’s 2162 and life is a blast for space adventurer siblings, Jet and Adelaide Nova.  After all, what tween wouldn’t want to divide their days between living on an international space station and accompanying their parents on awesome interstellar missions!

Of course it’s not all asteroid chases and exploding star systems.  Jet and Adelaide also have to attend school, do homework (though their chores aren’t always so typical, like recharging the family robot and scrubbing their starships hull!).  Still, on weekends this Aussie astronaut family have their own unique way of unwinding, with Jet and Adelaide heading off with parents Hugo and Josie on mind blowing adventures to navigate unexplored planets, surf solar flares, hop between rogue stars and occasionally even discover previously unknown life forms.

Then, on one of these adventures the Novas stumble upon ‘Star Dust’, a strange super-powerful rainbow substance left behind in an abandoned alien ship stuck in a living celestial butterfly, and everything changes.

In fact, their discovery is so potentially explosive to the future of mankind, they must kept it secret from everyone they know, until they can unlock the secrets of the substance’s transformative powers and its potential connection to a far more intelligent alien civilization.

Life just got daring, thrilling and more perilous than the Nova family ever imagined as they begin the quest of their lives!

This show is under production and will start delivering episodes in mid 2020. Partners: Super RTL, ABC ME, NINE Network, SLR Production, Giggle Garage, Screen Australia, Create NSW, ZDF Enterprises and Australian Children’s Television Foundation