We work with market-leading licensees that produce quality, desirable products which embrace the core values of our brands. By using our character or brand, our licensees open doors to additional and new, unexplored retailers and increase growth opportunities.

What is Licensing ?

Licensing is basically an agreement between Giggle Garage (or our authorized agents) and your company to be granted license to use our brand or our character for your products and/or services; and you will pay royalties as the cost of using that particular brand or characters.

Benefits of Licensing

Licensing can extend your products or services into new categories, areas of a store, or into new territories overall. It’s a way to move or expand your products/services into new businesses without a major investment such as in new production or manufacturing investment, new facilities and so on. Licensing is generally considered a low risk investment.

By extending your products/service, there are opportunity to boost sales and brand growth. Our brands such as Origanimals or BOING are recognized by kids and families in vast geographical areas and this provide immediate market recognition for your product.

How to Obtain a License?

Essentially, just contact us and we will discuss about your licensing business plan and your products. We look for products that are aligned to the core brand values of our properties.

Our Approach as a Brand Owner

Our key approach as a brand owner includes the following:

  • Developing style guides and key seasonal styles reference.
  • Reviewing and approving licensed products, packaging, marketing materials and other kits
  • Reviewing licensee overall brand positioning in the market
  • Providing support to the brand through marketing actions
Please contact us to find out more about our brands.


OriganimalsBOING The Play RangerCam & LeonFridgiesKazoops

Video: ORIGANIMALS® - Awesome Four

Paper springs to life on the amazing Planet Origami! This is home to an awesome community of origami animals known as Origanimals®. Ryan Rhino, Fiona Fox, Zoe Zebra and Khye Koala form a wildlife rescue team – the “Awesome Four”, or “A4″. In a rescue mission, they’ll glide and hop on to a big condor that will fly them to the location. Being awesome, the A4 uses problem-solving skills and creative origami solutions to help the origanimals in need. This bunch certainly know that the benefits of cooperation are manifold; wherever they go, the A4 is sure to find fun and adventures, and a whole pile of new friends!


  • The Origanimals® brand offers young kids a greater sense of self-esteem and empowerment to help someone – and that it is okay to be not perfect.
  • The stories in Origanimals® provide important lessons on typical kids’ interactions in a group setting as well as for oneself: young kids learn that it is okay to be different and sometimes, kids cannot do everything because kids just need more time to grow up first.
  • Discoveries and education about animals’ facts are also learnt during the A4’s adventures in different parts of the planet (which are the major plains or continents of the earth).

Licensing Support

  • Brand Style Guide
  • Products Concepts
  • Promotion via broadcasting, digital streams & social media
  • Brand Management team

Where to watch

Broadcasting on terrestrial broadcasters and digital streams in more than 90 countries worldwide in Asia, Middle East, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Latin America and USA.


Preschool, 4 to 6 years old

Licensing Inquiry

BOING The Play RangerVideo: BOING The Play Ranger

This is a preschool series produced in high quality 3D animation. Our lovable, fun-filled main characters that live in Playville are based on animals that can transform into various playground rides that are very familiar to kids.

This charismatic series features BOING and his friends, together they are the rangers of the playground town, Playville. Even in this world of happiness, unfortunate event happens time to time. But don’t you worry, our Play Rangers BOING (Lion), BING BING (Hippo), TORY (Rabbit) and MONGBAR (Monkey) are always here to keep the peace in the village so everyone can have fun!


  • This series’ central idea is to show and teach important social values and team work.
  • The brand reinforces the values of friendship, honesty, concise communication, overcoming hardship, responsibility, a sense of humor, and most importantly, how to collaborate with each other.
  • Supporting having fun and safe physical activities in any play or playgrounds

Licensing Support

  • Brand Style Guide
  • Products Concepts
  • Promotion via broadcasting, digital streams & social media
  • Brand Management team
  • Indoor Theme Park Concept

Where to watch

Broadcasting on terrestrial broadcasters and digital streams in over 100 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, USA and Canada.


Boys and girls from 3 to 6 years old.

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Cam and Leon

Cam & Leon used to be house pets but because they did not show their camouflage ability, the owner decide to set them free and into nature so they can get in touch with their “wild instinct”. They often get carried away in their quest for food (and end up neglecting the other…), ultimately the two are buddies who will share resources to reach a goal if necessary.


astro Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad is a leading integrated consumer media entertainment group in Malaysia and Southeast Asia with operations in 4 key areas of business, namely Pay-TV, Radio, Digital Publications and Digital Media.

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A human home is the stage for the Fridgies, with a possibility of going beyond wherever curiosity is taking them!

The Fridgies retain their unique ‘fridge magnet’ qualities – although they can move on any surface, their magnetism is the source of comedy.

  • like to poke about, and get in trouble
  • mimic the extremes of human nature
  • have very little motivation to be ‘good’

Licensing Information

This property is currently in pilot development stage. If you are interested to participate in either production or in licensing, please use the form below.

Co-Production and Licensing Inquiry

Who says the world works the way grown ups think it should? Things can always be different if you just imagine… Monty is a spirited boy of 6, with a vivid imagination and his best friend is Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig.

Licensing Information

The show is currently broadcasting on:

  • CBeebies UK
  • ABC Australia
  • Netflix, Worldwide in 18 languages

If you are interested to find out more about the brand licensing, please let us know