Giggle Garage Sdn Bhd creates original character brands and animated contents of high quality children & family entertainment worldwide. Our office and the cgi production studio is located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. We also distribute and license kids properties to partners worldwide.

With highly skilled artists and production team, our expertise in creative development and project execution covers all aspects of cgi property creation; from arts and development to full animation production and post-production. And we do that in a fun and open environment.

The Gigglers

Our workplace, our playground.

  • Malaysian owned CGI studio, based in Cyberjaya Malaysia
  • 50% Women in Key Leadership Position
  • Diverse creative and technical artists from various background
  • Multiple nationalities united in creative content creation.
  • Young and talented: average age of 27.6 yrs old, our most decorated Giggler is at 65 years old 🙂
  • More than one third of our team members are women
The Gigglers Infrastructure Other Info
We are the Gigglers Production and Backup Storage of 356TB for multiple projects capability

  • 192 TB production storage on 3 QNAP racks for multiple projects production
  • 64 TB rendering output and compositing storage on QNAP rack
  • 64 TB backup storage on QNAP Rack
  • 36 TB backup & archive storage of Synology NAS
In-House Rendering Systems

  • In-house render farm using Dell PowerEdge M-series Blade Server and networked renders for a total of more than 1500 cpus.
  • Rendering OS is Windows 2012 Server
  • Giggle Garage is also directly connected via high speed internet to MAC3’s 1024 cores, 128 nodes external rendering farm.
Women in senior and leadership position: 50% Software Used

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe CC
  • V-Ray & Mental Ray for lighting
  • Nuke & After Effects for compositing
  • Thinkbox Deadline for render management.Software Used
    • Autodesk Maya
    • Adobe CC
    • V-Ray & Mental Ray for lighting
    • Nuke & After Effects for compositing
    • Thinkbox Deadline for render management.
Servers and Systems

  • Windows Server 2012 on Dell PowerEdge for Domain servers
  • CentOS and Windows Server 2012 on IBM machine for FTP, webserver and Internal chat messenger
  • All Win 7 Pro and Win 8 Pro for artists workstations on Dell machines.
The Gigglers

  • We are a bunch of team with age ranging from 22 to 65 years old!
  • Our team consists of multinational creatives from several countries from Australia to Middle East or from Borneo to northern Malaysia
  • We are young, creative and hungry for challenging projects: 45% are millennial 🙂
  • Of course, for the Malaysians, we are probably 99% durian-lovers, in a playground of about 12,000 sq-ft, 5-storey building.
Production Management

  • Firewalled network for data security
  • Fully secured workstations for data protection and confidentiality
  • Established business process and production workflows. We use internal production management process as well as Shotgun and Smartsheet.
Creative Leaders & Fresh Ideas

  • Creative/technical/animators total experience of over 100 years!
  • Annual Giggle Idea Pitch that keeps the creative juices flowing