Cam & Leon

Production Status

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Key Broadcasters & Channel Partners

Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad is a leading integrated consumer media entertainment group in Malaysia and Southeast Asia with operations in 4 key areas of business, namely Pay-TV, Radio, Digital Publications and Digital Media.

Format: CGI Animation

Episode: 39 x 7' (117 x 2')

Genre Non-dialogue, slapstick comedy

Audience: Kids and family

Did you know there are places in your ordinary town you didn’t know existed? Places where animals ice-skate on frozen snail slime, go shopping in toy stores inside tree trunks and eat in sushi restaurants under trash cans.  These are the chameleon playground, the neighborhood parks and the places surrounding them: these are special places for very special customers.

Say hello to Cam and Leon, because you might bump into them while walking your pet near one of these places. You don’t have a pet? You’d may want to adopt Cam & Leon then. They’re looking for owners to feed them every day.

Cam & Leon used to be house pets, but because they did not show any camouflage ability, the owner decided to set them free and into the nature park so they can get in touch with their ‘wild instinct’.

If you’re near the park, drop by Cam and Leon’s neighbourhood. It’s home to other animals too, like giant bully crows, chipmunk shopkeepers and rats who drive tiny taxis. All of them don’t get along very well, which is why they gets into loads and loads of trouble. Keeps your eyes peeled and you might catch the animal pan-DEE-monium.

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