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Another addition to the amazing line-up of local animation, Origanimals developed by Giggle Garage will make its debut in 21 Countries across Asia this year, starting with Malaysia (Astro ZooMoo), Singapore (StarHub), and Indonesia (OkeVision, Playmedia and Indovision) on 9th April 2016.

Origanimals (referring to the Japanese paper folding craft of origami and animal) is a 52 eps x 11 minutes 3D CGI series that targets kids aged 4 to 6 years old. Directed by Juhaidah Joemin the series took approximately two and half years to develop with a great creative team of talents including the original idea creator, executive producers, creative directors, art directors, animation directors, show director, story editor, and animators.

Zeno Gabing, Executive Director of Giggle Garage highlighted, “We are so proud of the local talents that we have worked with. Our voice-over talents are so amazing that their voices are directly used for broadcast in English-speaking countries without even being requested to change by the broadcasters. This proves that Malaysia has the talents to produce a show for the international market.”

In addition, the award-winning animation studio worked with scriptwriters from the US and the UK, together with local scriptwriters to expose them to the tips and tricks in writing for children. They also spent a significant time in researching and working on what stories would work for international broadcasters.

The adventure series follows four friends, Ryan Rhino, Fiona Fox, Zoe Zebra and Khye Koala known as the ‘Awesome Four’ who make up the ‘Wildlife Rescue Team’ to help other Origanimals in trouble using problem-solving skills and creative origami solutions. These unique characters live on Planet Origami, a place resembling Earth, except that everything on this planet is made out of paper-like substances.

“We hope that the brand will continue to expand across the world and have a long lifespan. It is a Malaysian production that we hope will become one of the key brands known not only in the country, but in the global market such as Europe and the US as well. We would love to work together with licensing and merchandising companies on how to further expand the brand experience,” said Zeno on future developments for Origanimals.

Next, Origanimals will be making its debut in Oceania within the next couple of months followed by the rest of the territories; South America, Mexico and US.

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