Production Status

  • Completed
  • Licensing

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Format: CGI Animation

Episode: 52 episodes x 11'

Genre Preschool

Audience: 4 - 6 yrs old

To The Rescue ! Meet the Awesome Four, the origami animals.

Paper springs to life on the amazing Planet Origami! This is home to an awesome community of origami animals known as Origanimals. Ryan Rhino, Fiona Fox, Zoe Zebra and Khye Koala form a wildlife rescue team – the “Awesome Four” or “A4”. In a rescue mission, they’ll glide and hop on to a big condor that will fly them to the location. Being awesome, the A4 uses problem-solving skills and creative origami solutions to help the Origanimals in need.

This bunch certainly know that the benefits of cooperation are manifold;  whether you’re lost, feeling blue, stuck in the mud, or feeling helpless about something, call the A4! They will get you back on the mend and feeling fine!

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