Fridgies is a 52 eps x 5′ non-dialogue, slapstick comedy series that explores what would happen if magnets on your fridge come to life. The world of Fridgies revolves around the fridge surface or any other metal surfaces around the kitchen.

A safe heaven for these travel momentos, the fridge is also a melting pot of all sort of wacky and eccentric personalities from around the world, resulting in all sorts of mischief!

The show is currently in early production and open for presales, Investment and Co-Production. Pilot episode is available for screening.

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Fridge magnets are available almost in every home. They display and hold memories; also great advertisement tools. Additionally, the show features diverse characters from around the world, introducing various places and multiple cultural learning to kids and family members. Throughout the show, kids and family members will not only enjoy the comedies or follow the adventures of their favorite characters; but they will also be introduced to:

  • More diverse characters
  • Learn about multiple location and interesting places around the world
  • Enjoy and listen to a taste of the local music and sounds in the particular episodes
  • Immersed into unique and colorful cultural attire, national costumes and practices

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