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Lock up your hair blowers, electric curlers and shavers. Nothing in your house is safe!

There are fridge magnets and then, there are Fridgies the superstar fridge magnets. For the Fridgies, a day’s existence is anything but normal and sticking around is not something they are good at. They are curious little creatures. They like cake, spend hours watching telly and are meddlesome little creatures. That last part is usually what rolls them off the cliff. They can’t help it. They’re just frisky Fridgies!

They do a lot of silly adventure like exploring the insides of a kitchen sink oven or skin diving in a bowl of mixed salad. No Fridgie like to stay still, they go looking for excitement. Some Fridgies like Captain Nicky – superhero for hire, go looking for trouble. Unfortunately for Fridgies like Blondie, trouble finds her!