Zeno Gabing
Head of Operation
Zeno Gabing is the co-founder of Giggle Garage and also the Executive Director of the company; implementing strategic direction as well as providing leadership and business management of the company. Zeno is responsible for structuring international co-productions and investment activities.
Juhaidah Joemin
Head of Production
Juhaidah Joemin (ED) is the co-founder and Head of Production at Giggle Garage. ED spent many years in Malaysia’s creative industry; participated in its evolution from policy-making to production. Earlier, she was with Qatar’s JCC broadcasting where she evaluated content acquisition and oversaw co-production projects such as SEEFOOD Movie & Saladin Series. ED serves as mentor and judge in programs including the XMedia Lab, IPCC, Asia Pacific PANORAMA and International Digital Emmy Awards.
Mastura Yunan
Studio Manager
Mastura makes things work. She is the manager of our studio and responsible for the smooth production and daily operation at The Playground. She has more than 15 years of experience in multimedia, immersive & non-immersive technologies, production and content creation. Prior to Giggle Garage, she was the Program Coordinator for the Virtual Reality school at Multimedia University Malaysia in the Faculty of Creative Multimedia.
Belinda Teoh
Brands Manager
Belinda Teoh is our Brands Leader at The Playground. She has more than 15 years experience in creative contents & TVC production. Earlier, Bel was a lecturer in Film & Animation at Multimedia University Malaysia; and had also worked to produce various domestic and international TVC projects in ad ad company. Bel loves designs & crafts, animals and support all efforts toward animal saving & rescuing. Bel has myriad of experiences with super fun attitude, a combination that makes her a fabulous Giggler.
Sachin Sawant
Sachin has over 12 years experience in multiple project management roles as well as producer for feature films and several international tv series production. He has worked on projects undertaken by companies such as Dreamworks and Lucasfilms prior to becoming a Producer at Giggle Garage for the past several years. He runs theis supported by several very cool line producers and production coordinators working with him in the Production Department.
Sandra Khoo
Arts & Story Director
Sandra started as a traditional 2D cell animator, storyboard artist and a super awesome character designer. Now, she runs the Arts & Story Department; directing shows and leading new IP development. She's a self-professed food junkie maybe because she's really a great cook. Sandra was the lead character designer for the TV Series Saladin; nominated for International Emmy Awards.