BOING The Play Ranger

Production Status

  • Completed
  • Licensing

Key Broadcasters & Channel Partners

Format: CGI Animation

Episode: 52 x 11'

Genre Preschool

Audience: 3 - 6 yrs old

Here in Playville life is fun and cool.
We’re so happy ‘cause the Play Rangers Rule! And their leader is a lion named Boing
He can spring up, then he’s gone with a zoing! Got a problem, don’t feel down
What a team and such great friends! With Play Rangers, lose that frown!

BOING our main character lives in Playville with his fellow rangers. Playville is a playground village filled with lovable animal characters who can transform into playground rides. When things go wrong in the village, BOING and his fellow rangers are there to help. Together they are the Play Rangers.

The show illustrates friendship, adventure, social skills, teamwork and safety for young kids. The characters are cute, colorful and joyful: trusted by parents.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BOING.ThePlayRangers