• Origanimals - To The Rescue!


    Paper springs to life on the amazing Planet Origami, home to an awesome community of origami animals: the Origanimals. Ryan Rhino, Fiona Fox, Zoe Zebra and Khye Koala form a wildlife rescue team – the “Awesome Four”.
  • Meet Monty and Jimmy Jones.


    Meet Monty, a little boy with a vivid imagination and a loyal pet pig. They're the stars of Kazoops, an innovative new animation series that encourages children to challenge the workings of the world through imaginary adventures
    Lets Kazoops

Production Development Kit

Giggle Garage is an integrated animation studio that specializes in full production of creative content from concept to final CGI production.

3D Animation Services

Giggle Garage has highly experienced creative and production teams that specialize in CGI Animations.

Character Design & Assets Creation

At Giggle Garage, our team of creative talents create endearing characters and build graphical assets that are used for broadcast and multiple digital platforms.

Idea Development & Consultation

Have a great story idea but unsure of what to do next ? We will work with you, together with your big ideas and imaginative spirits; and develop the idea out of the box!

Have a great story idea but unsure ?

We assist in preparing development kit; production pre-planning, budgeting and providing consultations on production structures & financing.